The Lenfest Center believes that all students should have access to high quality enrichment instruction. Unfortunately, too many of our students attend schools that no longer have the time or money to introduce children to a wide range of creative outlets. We aim to fill that void in the lives of our students, and to provide them with opportunities to explore their creativity. Whether it is a child learning how to handle the stress of a chess tournament, working with others to create a beautiful work of art, or exploring her neighborhood with a camera in hand, the experiences we offer young people are valuable both in the classroom and in life.
The Lenfest Center offers enrichment programs run by our own professional staff, as well as partnering with respected outside groups to offer young people a wide range of enrichment opportunities.


All programs are free of charge however consistent attendance is required in order to keep your child’s spot on the roster.
To register for a program, contact Program Coordinator India Blunt at 267.314.7402 or india@lenfestcenter.org.

Current Enrichment Programs Include:


Chess classes are open to students in grades K-12 and to all levels of skill and experience. Students must be ready to take this class seriously. Students will learn the fundamentals of the game and will have opportunities to compete in local and regional tournaments. All classes are instructed by Mr. Gil Motley, in partnership with the Afterschool Activities Partnership (ASAP).

Grades: 2nd-12th
Days/Times: Mondays and Wednesdays 5:00-7:00PM, Fridays 4:00-6:00PM



The beat of the African drums move your feet and bring a vibration to your core! Feel the rhythm of the ancestors speak to the senses as we learn about history and our own experience through movement.

Grades: 4th-8th
Days/Times: Mondays & Tuesdays 6-7:30PM



Talk to Me is a mentoring program designed for today's teenager. We offer programs for both middle and high schoolers.  The primary goal is to address current issues that our teens face by teaching skills that will enable them to problem solve effectively while navigating daily life. Our aim is to link teens with positive adult mentors who will aid them in the process of making better choices.

Grades: Middle School
Days/Times: Wednesday & Thursday 6-7:30PM

Grades: High School
Days/Times: Tuesday & Thursday 6-7:30PM



The Cocoon College Prep program was developed to assist high school students (grades 10th-12th) with proper transition from high school to secondary institutions. The idea is to expose students to new environments such as new cities, new colleges/universities, and most of all new faces. The students in the Cocoon College Prep program are offered a variety of services to help prepare them for the next step in their college career!

Grades: 10th-12th
Days/Times: Wednesday 4:30-6:30PM



Led by the ever-talented Ms. Beverly, The Lenfest Center will be presenting an amazing original stage production highlighting youth participation in the American Civil Rights Movement. Headlining the play will be debut performances by the talented Lenfest Learners cast and choir.

Grades: K-8th

Days/Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 6:00-7:00PM