Our free after-school Lenfest Learners Program is open to students in grades K-8. Students are broken into classes based on grade, and are given individual or small-group tutoring. Students who finish their homework early are given age-appropriate academic enrichment materials to work on. Our instructors track students’ academic progress to identify areas of need, and target their lessons accordingly. In addition to academic support all Lenfest Learners participants receive a free, healthy snack and supervised free play. After homework is completed each age group has daily enrichment activities, including arts and crafts, sports and fitness, leadership development and project-based learning.

Registration: Contact Education Manager Emilia Autin-Hefner at 267-460-0015 or

The Lenfest Learners After-School program is an enrichment-based after school program that serves young people across the Hunting Park community. Our goal is to develop young LEADERS through engaging and exciting curriculum. Students who participate in Lenfest Learners are given the opportunity to sharpen their academic skills and develop their social and emotional skills. We believe these opportunities will allow our young people to explore leadership in all its forms.

In the Fall semester of Lenfest Learners, we focus on academic engagement and character development. New and returning Lenfest Learners are given the opportunity to learn about each other, build their team spirit, and develop positive behavior traits that will carry them throughout the entire school year.

In the Spring semester, we shift our focus to Project-Based Learning initiatives. Project-Based Learning is a teaching method wherein students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Project-Based Learning allows our young people to work together to achieve a common goal, and in doing so they strengthen their ability as critical thinkers and powerful leaders.

The basics of The Lenfest Learners after-school program:

Grades we serve: Kindergarten – 8th grade
Program Days: Monday – Thursday
Program Hours: 3pm – 6pm (hours subject to change on field trip / half days)
Maximum Roster Spots: 64 students
Kindergarten-1st grade: 16 roster spots
2nd-3rd grade: 16 roster spots
4th-5th grade: 16 roster spots
6th-8th grade: 16 roster spots
Fall Semester : September –December
Enrollment Period: Opens in August, Closes the last week in September
Spring Semester: January – June
Enrollment Period: Opens at the beginning of January, closes end of January
NOTE: January enrollment used to fill empty roster spots only
Parent Interviews are required for all students who are interested in joining the after-school program; completing an interview does NOT guarantee your child a spot in the program.